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Ref : SYTL/027/05                                                                 Date : 21/09/ 2005




Inauguration for  World Peace Day 21st September 2005





We do have the opportunity to accommodate our sincere message  to all Somali people  with respect of the World  Peace Day  by using  the whole local and international  media ,Somalis ought to understand  important of peace  cohesion from hold to national  level  with  resilient and confidence Somalis  can restore  peace  and rebuild their country .


Value of Peace: International development wealth, reintegrationís, and exchange of support  make things peace full. Violence with  hatred  makes deterioration, and increase  conflicts with death toll, thefts , killing murder, rapes of young  females, displacements, disintegration, draughts and  worse attitudes .


Whose is contrary peace in Somalia ? we do believe  that following are  not interested issue  like:


1 - Insurgents :


a)  Those immigrated  highland  into where they donít belong to, capturing it with  force  and succeed in managing wide  range of farmland


b) Those sponsor  terrorists or international war criminals to hide in Somalia are      declared they do  have  public properties illegally grabbed  from Somali Southwestern people, they also made  informal Islamic courts mostly do  support insurgents and unclassified  of  legal and illegal sense( Halal and Haram).


c) Aforesaid insurgents do also  have  responsibility  for formal  airstrips(airports) monthly income of almost  $US207000 and plant  drug farms illegally who claim they are keeping the constitution.


d) Drug  dealers and Criminals of genocide  are feared  of justice offenses they are contrary of peace, role and regulation for all.


e) BBC Somali section  accustomed to support factions  of turmoil, occupants of other lands have several  conspiracy against peace in Somalia.


f) Chewing Miraa (Khat) is being used armed militia continue conflict and disputes


2 - Secessitionist group in Northwest Somalia ( Somaliland ) who abuse the rights of  Sool and Sanaag people and create every year skirmish and armed conflict who claim the lives of many innocent people.


3 - SACB as well, do same attitude to create atrocity and disaster aimed  at the country  should absolutely remain without  legitimate government to handle restore regulatory structure, ensure budget used as almost US$ 400 Million since 1993.


4 - NOVIB Somalia also  shares Somali Crisis  with SACB, which its self  tried  several  hindrances and  reluctance for the Somali Reconciliation Conference to collapse, but that  didnít happen because  resilient of  the delegates( including  political leaders, and civil society members), in dispute among the current Transitional  Federal  Institution, NOVIB-Somalia still have  deep  rooted role.


5 - Also those behind Nuclear waste dumping and companies  eradicate marine resource are also condemned.




The newly established Transitional Federal government  have priorities  in disarmament, demobilization  and reintegration of armed  militia, advocate for conflict resolution, peace and reconstruction of war ravaged  country.


We therefore collectively appeal to the  Hon. Kofi Anan UN Secretary General and the Security Council members as whole redouble their generous efforts and support:


a - To overcome challenges and constrains faced in order also restore rule and regulation, the old aged situation in Somalia should end up durable solution to those contrary the peace in Somalia whom may recreate.


b - A Super Power Government mandated to ensure  recent resolution  to bring both sides of Transitional  Federal Institutions division.


c - Authorize disarmament forces deployment from Supper Power Government to disarm Somali militia , monitor  and ensure smooth     functioning  government.


d - Entire budget by SACB should be transferred


e - Provide financial support to the government in order to conduct economic and infrastructure recovery plan to assist adequate support to the most vulnerable people.


f - To consider the polling of 68% of the Somalis ( From Loyadde in Northwest  to Ras Chiamboni in Southwest Somalia )  in favor of the establishment  of a court dealing  with Somali Criminal Warlords, the polling  took place in 1997 and conducted by ICRC


In this ceremony and in Inauguration for International Peace Day marked to September 21, 2005 we address to the divided Transitional Federal Institution focus on peace build frame work in the country by saving more endangered lives of vulnerable people in Somalia or plea to the almighty Allah forgive them the past sinners and to save lives for malnutrition, wounded, disable, and needy community.


Immediately after the conclusion for Somalia National Reconciliation Conference Transitional Federal Parliament(TFP) composed of 275 members were set up following short period later Transitional Federal Government(TFG) were formed but unfortunately ever since great challenges based of views disputes on relocation of the government (Baidoa, Jowhar or Mogadishu), and disagreements on type of the peacekeeping forces deployment (frontlines or others).


Have divided them relocate Mogadishu and Jowhar. Where is their commitment on Oath, every clan do belong educated with dynamic vision but instead that the majority of the Federal Institution members are unqualified and the faction leaders inclusive style in order we at least have our legitimate government in place. Therefore it may be very unfortunate if they donít come certain compromise, people will then recall the prolonged 15 years of agony.


Surprising by the President, Speaker of the Parliament and the Prime-minister during the interviews they mislead it saying that things are extremely the best. Inauguration for  National Youth  Day  for Somalia  which take place 15th  May  of every year  since  its independence of 15th May 1943 which is being formed  Somali Youth League ďSYLĒ, both President and Prime minister  did not address Inauguration speech to the nation at all.


Whatever reasons,  we do recommend Leaders of the Transitional  Federal Institutions before the deadline  to form  regional autonomy  in accordance with the draft  constitution , faction leaders  should  remain confidence  with others  with tangible mission .


  • We call the whole armed militia  disarmament  voluntarily   and  work  peace  throughout  the country, the advice follows our message  of 15th May 2005, and 1st July, 2005. We also to the young generation  should resume reintegration and independent for the faction leaders  who destroyed  your future  and rebuild your country.

  • We also advice to all Somali people  who are blackmailed  by Criminal warlords  to come with a fresh mind to get rid of the insurgents, every sub clan  have Criminal warlord   against peace  and stability in the country.


Such as Nikolai Jessesco in  Romania  and Sam Waldo in  Liberia but later  the people of these two country  succeed  to get rid of them  who were more powerful than ours.


Best Regards .

Hussein Ali Elmi

Chairman of SYTL

Tel:254-722360347  or 254-722360347