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Somalis drown on Yemen crossing

Published: 2005/09/04 16:31:11 GMT

At least 58 migrants have drowned and many more are feared to have died on an illegal boat crossing from Somalia to Yemen, a Somali official has said.

Survivors said 250 people on board two boats were ordered at gunpoint to swim several kilometres to Yemen, the official, Hussein Hadji Ahmed, said.

Only 37 of the migrants are known to have survived.

Thousands of Somalis and Ethiopians attempt to cross the Gulf of Aden each year, many hoping to reach Europe.

Earlier this year, more than 100 migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia, including women and children, are believed to have drowned while trying to reach Yemen.

The boat had set off from the town of Bossaso, in the breakaway Somali republic of Puntland.

The UN's refugee agency has said it is appalled by what it calls an ongoing human tragedy.

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