NEWS 2005


MIDNIMO press release with regards to the current situation in Somalia

Somali Concern Group 


2nd March 2005

Somali Concern Group (SCG) is deeply concerned about the current situation in Somalia, in light of the possibility of deploying international peacekeeping forces in to Somalia. SCG believes that peace and security in Somalia is paramount, however, we urge the government to ensure that the process must be transparent and well structured. The government should present their case to the parliament for debate and discussion on the issue by analyzing in great detail. It is important that our members of the parliament to make an informed choice in order to make the appropriate decision, considering all the options available. A Healthy debate can bring a consensus agreement which is vital to the decision making process.

SCG demands International, independent and impartial peacekeeping forces.

SCG understands the importance of peace and security in Somalia and believe that international, independent and impartial peacekeeping forces are necessary in order to build a trust between Somalis. However, SCG strongly believes that frontline states should not be part of the Peacekeeping forces. Peacekeeping troops should have clear and structured plan that can give confidence to Somalis and their decision-making process need to be clear and transparent. It is important to publish peacekeeping force’s policies, strategy and their mandate in advance before the parliament debate.

SCG urges the government to understand the importance of reconciliation, reconstruction and above all building confidence between Somalis. SCG would recommend the following:

To Leaders (President and Prime Minister):

  • To show a genuine leadership and passion to Somalis.

  • To uphold the rule of law, democracy and accountability.

  • To avoid frontline states Peacekeeping Forces be deployed in Somalia.

  • To promote nationalism, freedom and peace.

  • To use reconciliation tone when speaking in public, in order to avoid any confusion and escalation of violence.

To members of the Parliament:

  • To constructively debate the issue of peacekeeping forces, if possible to request experts who can discuss the positives as well as the negatives of deploying foreign troops in Somalia.

  • The decision making process should be transparent.

  • To return to your motherland as soon as practically possible.

  • Your decisions should be based on the interest of Somalis.

  • Members who can influence militia need to declare their full support to the government and commit themselves towards disarming their groups.

To Somalis:

  • To support the government and the parliament.

  • To reconcile their differences and realize their full potential.

  • To take part of the peace process and solve their problems.

  • To work with one another with a view of securing peace and stability in Somalia.

  • To act as good ambassadors for the Country with a common interest and goal, this is to revive the dignity of the people of Somalia.

  • To support those organizations who want to make a difference, such as SCG, National Civic Forum, etc.

To International Community:

  • To support the government politically, economically and morally.

  • To help the government with regards to upholding the rule of law and democracy.

  • To ensure that the government fulfills their agreements with other agencies.

  • To avoid frontline states deploying their troops in Somalia.

  • To uphold and adhere to UN arms embargo on Somalia.


Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow)

Chairperson of Somali Concern Group

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