Diversity denied? Research reveals a 'hidden' community's neglected needs                            (October 10, 2003) A study into the housing experiences of England’s Somali population calls into question whether local and national policies are adequately addressing some of the most basic needs of the country’s diverse ethnic communities.

SMUGGLING OF "MADHIBAN" TO AUSTRALIA AND CANADA                                                      and FRAUDULENT REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROCESS IN KENYA (September 26, 2003) Is it only worth to make headlines, when the US "import" 14 000 sturdy "Bantu" refugees to start a new life by joining the labour force in the US or if beautiful ethiopian girls and representatives of "genetically rare groups" or multilingual muslims with knowledge in military intelligence among the refugees are "resettled"?

ALERT FOR ALL OPPRESSORS !!!!                                                                                             (2003) We believe, as we are Somali Minorities that our land and our property have been robbed, our history has been destroyed, our language has been buried and our dignity is being violated, Remember how many times we have been denied our rights, our blood money (Diya) our compensation has been denied completely if we are being murdered. Our lives does not cost nothing our lives are equal the death of Ant.

Displaced people from minority groups seriously lack protection (2002)                                     (January 2003) An IDP camp on the outskirts of Bossaso with about 400 families was totally destroyed by fire at the beginning of September. Humanitarian organisations have expressed their concern at the lack of permanent settlement for IDPs in the Puntland. IDPs themselves have cited insecurity of land tenure as one of their major problems.

UNITED NATIONS - Economic and SocialCouncil                                                                        Sub-Commission on the Promotion and   Protection of Human Rights - Fifty-fifth session - Item 5 of the provisional agenda - PREVENTION OF DISCRIMINATION  - Discrimination based on work and descent Expanded working paper submitted by Mr. Asbjørn Eide and Mr. Yozo Yokota pursuant to Sub-Commission decision 2002/108* - (PDF)


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