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IGAD PEACE CONFERENCE CREATES WAR !                                                                              NAIROBI / KENYA, 16th October 2002 - PRESS STATEMENT BY THE MADHIBAAN SUPREME COUNCIL - In an open letter to the United Nations, the heads of states and the international community, the Madhibaan - a genuine people of Somalia, spoke out against the continuous persecution and neglect, from which they still have to suffer: The Madhibaan, traditionally also called Midgaan and belonging to the Sa'ab group of people, are an outcast minority of non-Somali origin and ancient hunter-gatherer culture.

Lineage identity is central organizing force in Somalia (2002)                                                   "Based on their patrilineal kinship and lineage segmentation, the Somali people are divided into six major clans, which in turn branch out into numerous sub clans, and minority groups. The major clans include Darod, Dir, Hawiye and Issak collectively known as Samale group, and the Rahaweyn (Digile and Mrifle) community categorized as Sab group. The Hawiye clan includes Habargedir, Abgal, Murusade, Hawadle, Galjel, Moblen, Sheikal, Djijele, Badi Adde, and Ajuran while the Darood group include Majerten, Marehan, Dhulbahante, and Ogaden, LeelaKase, Ortoble, Kaskiiqabe and Dashiishe.

International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism                                  Friday the 9th of August, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination concluded its
discussion on discrimination based on descent with a number of Committee Experts expressing the need to urge States parties to implement positive measures against such discrimination. The Committee is expected to adopt recommendations on discrimination based on descent on the
basis of the discussions held on the 8th and 9th of August before concluding its three-week session on 23 August.

STATEMENT TO THE COMMITTEE ON THE ELIMINATION OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION              (August 2002) Brief Review of Somali Outcaste Groups - Summary of research by Professor Asha A. Samad, City University of New York (CUNY) and Executive Director, SAFRAD – Somali Association

NEWS 2001

SOMALIA                                                                                                                                     According to reliable sources (UK Home Office, UNHCR, UN IRIN) over 100,000 Somalis have been repatriated from Ethiopia and Kenya

NEWS 2000

Horn of Africa: IRIN Weekly Round-up 1 covering the period 4 - 8 Sep 2000                               SOMALIA: Faction leaders condemn new interim authority - Faction leaders in Somalia opposed to the newly elected interim authority have called for new peace talks in which they should lead the process, the independent daily 'Xog Ogaal' reported on Monday. It said the faction leaders, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad, Husayn Aydid, Uthman Ato, Husayn Haji Bod, Adan Gabiyow and Mawlid Ma'ni Mahmud, had issued a four-point statement after meeting on Sunday in Garowe, capital of Puntland in northeastern Somalia.

UN activities in Somalia for the week of 25 - 30 Sep 2000                                                           UNDP - On 28 September, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator travelled to Djibouti to meet members of the Transitional National Government. Consultant Jeremy Brickell, author of the Somali Civil Protection Programme (SCPP) document, is in Nairobi to prepare a meeting on demobilisation of militia. The meeting is scheduled for the first week of November. Please contact UNDP for more information.

Mid-year 2000: Somalia: Chaos Continues                                                                                  (August 28, 2000) Somalia's chaotic civil war and sense of pervasive lawlessness moved into its twelfth year in early 2000. During the first half of the year, thousands of newly displaced Somalis descended on the capital, Mogadishu; gunfights in Mogadishu and at other locations left hundreds dead; a local aid worker was killed and two international relief workers were kidnapped; and floods damaged two displacement camps and killed thousands of livestock.

Shut down the so-called Djibouti Peace Initiative for Somalia                                                   and put in place a neutrally assisted, committed reconciliation - Minority Somali Communities in Kenya press release , 2 April 2000 - The so-called Djibouti Peace Initiative for Somalia is a disguise to perpetuate the crisis in our country. We demand to stop this proxy-peace initiative, misguided by the UN and other outside forces.

Horn of Africa: IRIN News Briefs, 26 January 2000                                                                       ERITREA: UNHCR allowed to resume operations - The Eritrean government and UNHCR reached agreement on Monday to allow the refugee agency resume operations in the country, from which it was expelled in May 1997 for what Eritrea considered "undue pressure" to revive the stalled repatriation from Sudan of Eritrean refugees who fled their home country during the war of independence with Ethiopia. Monday's agreement, under which the refugee agency will focus on the voluntary repatriation of 147,000 Eritreans registered in refugee camps in Gedaref and El Showak in eastern Sudan, followed a visit to Asmara by UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner Soren Jessen-Petersen, UNHCR spokesman Jacques Franquin told IRIN on Wednesday.

The Human Rights Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Africa                                                   Moringe Parkipuny, Member of Parliament, Ngorongoro, Tanzania - Mr. Parkipuny delivered these remarks before the Sixth Session of the United Nations ; Working Group on Indigenous Populations in Geneve, Switzerland on August 3, 1989. -- Madam Chairperson, fellow representatives and friends in the struggles of indigenous peoples rights, first, I convey from Africa the message of unity and resolute determination to consolidate the strive for our common course.....

NEWS 1993

Slippery solution - Mabo case highlights aboriginal land rights                                                  1993 - Aboriginal leaders in Australia have rejected the Labor Government’s response to the controversial Mabo land-rights case. The High Court ruling in the case of Mabo vs Queensland in June 1992 overturned the assumption that Australia belonged to no-one before white colonization.


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