Somali Peace Process is still in turmoil


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Date: 22st April 2004

(free for publication Fr 23. 04. 2004)

The Somali Peace Process is still in turmoil.
The clan formula 4.5 is a neo-colonial tool
(invented at the Universita di Bologna).
IGAD imposes fake "traditional leaders" on minorities.


Since the Somali Peace Conference began, it has been difficult to ascertain whether any positive conclusions have been achieved.

The agenda of the meeting was to find solutions to the following two issues:

    • land sharing, and

    • power sharing

Today, it seems that no conclusion has been reached, although the issue of power sharing is still being discussed. The deliberations and interim decisions have been influenced to follow the previous peace conference held in Djibouti (in ARTA / CARTA). It is known as the 4.5 Formula, whereby 80% will consist of member of the 4 powerful majority clans and only 20% must be shared by "all the rest of the ethnic people". For us as one of the core minority communities of Somalia, the Madhibaan, this is an oppressive formula.

No clan can claim to be better than another one. Both the majority and minority citizens have a right to live in this country, but any clan that opts for or supports the 4,5 formula is an exception. The "Big Clans" or "Big Patrons" as they are known are clearly out to oppress the Madhibaan people further. To clarify this point, it is necessary to point out that there are a minority people in Somalia, but these are not outcasts, they still receive and enjoy the benefits and privileges that the outcasts (the Madhibaan) are denied. Hence the Madhibaan are denied their rights as the aborigines, citizens and human beings. For example, the minorities have their own land, traditional or customary law. These are not interfered with by the "Big Patrons" as they are reconciled and recognized by these big clans as people or human beings with rights.

Clearly, the Madhibaan, the aboriginal natives in the Peninsula of the Horn of Africa, have become the most humiliated and the most vulnerable people in Somalia. They are still in chains of slavery, outcasts in their own home. The 4,5 Formula will only entrench this evil; and to show support for this formula is to express support for the continuance of this oppression.

The Somali society is divided into the following classes:

    • The "Waranle" (Spear Class): Those who belong to this class are also known as the decision makers or commanders.

    • The "Wadaad": Those who belong to this class are charged with the responsibility of spreading the Islam religion, thus causing its expansion.

    • The " Waable": These are the least privileged and the most humiliated members of the society. They are treated as outcasts, and suffer the injustice of segregation. For example, it is taboo for a member of the "Waable" or "Animal class" to mingle or even get married into the "Wadaad and "Waranle" classes. Actually, those from these prestigious classes who choose to get married into the outcast class loose their original identity. The children born out of such unions are not recognized or acknowledged by their high-class relatives.

In pursuit of justice, the issue of derogatorized citizens should be addressed in order to attain the much desired peace in Somalia. We can and must find an amicable and better solution to this problem. United we stand, divided we fall.

With regard to unity and fairness, it is important to point out that the Madhibaan people are not represented in the delegation of representatives from the eighteen regions of Somalia. The Madhibaan are an egalitarian people, but they also deserve equal representation. It is time for the voice of the Madhibaan to be heard.

The Madhibaan Supreme Council (MSC) is requesting those engaged in the Somali Peace Conference to allow the Madhibaan equal participation in the Conference, just like the other delegates from the 18 regions of the Republic of Somalia. The Madhibaan would like to give their contribution in the on-going peace process. Although scattered all over Somalia, the Madhibaan have their united voice.

The Madhibaan are a peace loving people, yet as peace lovers, we have been under oppression for hundreds of years, in the hands of the oppressors. Our land was taken away from us and we live as if we do not belong to Somalia. The time is now ripe for us to stand up for our rights and get answers to all our whys. Perhaps this will be the beginning of finding solution of Somalia's woes. We would like to get our peace back, to return to our beloved country. Our message is that the oppressor can no longer succeed in oppressing us.

The MSC also requests that as the Madhibaan representatives table their plight, solutions to the problem of oppression are found. They too are human beings. As Article 1 and 2 of the Human Rights Universal Declaration rightly notes:

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood".

"Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty".

Article 4 also clearly states that:

"No one shall be held in slavery or servitude and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all forms".

We hereby address the Secretary General of the United Nations, HE. Koffi Anan, to intervene in the Somali Peace Process, to remind the six IGAD member states, who are tasked to conclude the process harmoniously and just, of their duties with respect to the principles above.

The Madhibaan Supreme Council's agenda is very clear: The Madhibaan demand that all aspects of the peace process must be transparent and that the participation of our rightful representatives on equal ground must be guaranteed. The formulations and solutions to the Somali Peace Process will affect both the internal and external policy of Somalia and will have an important impact on the Horn of Africa regions, especially with regard to conflict resolution .

We, the Madhibaan, reject also that a person is imposed on us by the IGAD Secretariat as our so called "genuine traditional leader", who can and will not play that role, which foreigners have dreamed up for him by even calling him a "Sultan", while we the truly genuine Madhibaan never had a Sultan and have no base for such in our traditional culture.

We must be heard, respected in our rigth to self-determination and to equally participate in the Peace Process, if it shall any credibility and provide lasting solutions !

Hersi Jama Yassin Jangoan Jr
Madhibaan Supreme Council


Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat,
Special Envoy to the Somali National Reconciliation Conference,
IGAD Facilitation Committee, Mbagathi, Nairobi

UN Secretary General H.E. Koffi Annan,
United Nations, through his representative's office UNPOS, Nairobi

Dr. Alghaim,
Independent Expert on Somalia of the Commission of Human Rights,
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nairobi.

European Union Representative to Kenya

African Union
Addis Abeba

Arab League

Somali Delegates

International Partner Forum

Embassy of the United States of America, Nairobi

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Nairobi

UK High Commission, Nairobi

Royal Danish Embassy, Nairobi

Netherlands Embassy, Nairobi

Royal Norwegian Embassy, Nairobi

Embassy of the Republic of Finland, Nairobi

Embassy of the Republic of Italy, Nairobi

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response to this press statement



Golaha Sare ee Madhibaan,

           come associazione italiana formata da individui aventi genitori somali (tra cui anche genitori Madhibaan) avete la nostra totale ed indiscussa solidarietà per la Vostra battaglia del diritto.

E' eticamente, moralmente e civilmente una vergogna per un paese avere una distinzione di classe: sia essa sia "presumibilmente" superiore o inferiore. I cittadini hanno lo stesso identico ruolo e dignità nel contesto della nazione a cui si appartiene.

Tutto questo è da far rilevare alle massime autorità sponsorizzanti il processo in corso nel Kenya ed alle organizzazioni internazionali, perchè è contro la Carta dei Principi e dei Diritti riconosciuta universalmente e firmata a Johanesburg con la Convenzione ONU contro il razzismo.

Il 20% della quota riservata agli altri gruppi è irrisoria ed offensiva nei confronti di tutti gli attori che non sono dei 4 gruppi somali maggioritari (4/5).

Anche la nostra associazione aveva richiesto di far parte della rappresentanza dei gruppi minori (noi si che siamo la più piccola Comunità somala, siamo 592 persone).

Dunque siamo al vostro fianco a combattere un diritto che è negato anche al nostro gruppo.

Cordiali e sentiti saluti:

Gianni Mari

Presidente ANCIS

e-mail "ancis Ancis" < >

Roma 23.Aprile 2004




Park Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404. Tell: (612) 359-1248. Fax: (612) 339-1529.


Dear Yasin,

On behalf of the President and the members of the Somali International Minorities of America, I wish to express my deep thanks to the President and the members of the Madhibaan Supreme Council for their new organization. Together we will not tolerate any more inhuman treatment and discrimination, prejudice, norms, stereotypes, and other forms of social injustice.  We are ready to rise up our voices in everywhere in the world. Please let us hear your voices. We are here ready to work with you if you need any more details, please feel free to contact with us.

The Somali International Minorities of America was founded on August 29, 2001 to serve newly arrived refugees and immigrants in the United States and Canada. The idea for this community-based organization came from a group of Somali immigrants and Somali-American citizens who had lived in refugee camps for several years in Kenya, Ethiopia, and during the early 1991s. They realized that refugees arriving in the United States would need assistance and resources in adjusting to a new culture, customs, and language. (SIMA) is a Non-profit Organization which supports all Somali Minority groups who belong to the tribe of Midgan, who are oppressed because of their ethnicity or tribe, or occupation and All Somali refugees who can not go back to their birth place because of war, and disadvantaged people in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, United States of America, Canada, and other nations. SIMA is a Voluntary organization offering advice and information to the Somali community and other organizations, which are helping the Somali Minority refugees .

The Somali International Minorities of America’s mission is to educate both Somalis and Americans, advocate for, support, and empower the Somali Minorities (Midgans) refugee community through the provision of resources, education and guidance necessary for building successful and self-sufficient lives in the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Please if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at the numbers and address provided in this letterhead. . Thanks in advance.


Ahmed M. Keynan, President of  (SIMA)