Why most well educated somalis were silent for many centuries this malady?
Sadly, the people of Midgan are still portrayed and out looked as less than full members of our Somali society. Labels such as "vegetative state" Out side tribes of Somalia, the Sab and Somali, the Gun and Gob, put it to somebody an image of the person with a disability because of his tribe legend or his work as not quite human. Such images allow offenders to fuel their existing as a good reason with the belief that their offenses are less problematic because the victim is not really a fellow human being. Since the offender sees himself as more human and superior, therefore more valuable, he sees nothing wrong with exploiting the less valued human being to meet his own needs. To escape the exploitation the victim must use Shegad status clan links that can be shifted and rediscovered according to the situation at hand.

Take a look at the tears of the oppressed midgans. And they have no one to relieve him or her, when they are being rediscovered as tribal identity. On the shell of their oppressors there is power... And I considered the dead more fortunate than the living midgans. Midgans should have to use idea, but I am in dilemma, the ideas are more powerful than guns. Somalis would not let Midgans have guns as well as that why should Somalis let Midgans have ideas? “Call me midgan, It hurts my feeling. Despise me, look down me, deny my right, dehumanize me, and ignore my tribe name. You spat in my face, slab my cheeks, Oppressed me, Put me down, Dirtied my name, Battered me senseless, Mentally and physically, Kicked me when I was down, Unfairly judged me, Believe me, it hurts me, I wanted to drop, But I’m still standing So be afraid, For whatever you do, Whatever you say, You can never stop me today, my ideas are more powerful than your guns.

The effects of abusive language are very painful and life destroying, Demeaning words and disparaging labels create a cancer that kills our Somalis all. I recommend for every body to choose his/her words carefully because, the words carry the power to hurt or to heal the mankind. Every body must be kind and must use kind words.

The words that we use everyday life must be more positive, affirmative, constructive, and forgiving as well as more thankful and more hopeful. We have to recognize that we cannot change the people destructive and hateful habits, but we can change constructive and kindness words linked with reality actions of habits. Blaming and criticizing can only destroy the development of human energy, it is not a tool of construction, it is the tool of distort. The Somali society as generally rejected and destroyed the dignity of the midgans by words because of negative stereotypes and legends are easier to accept in the mind of Somalis. The fractious people of midgan are a human being who deserves to be treated with respect. They have flesh and blood being with feelings and emotions like your own, they are not outsiders, they are skilled society whose their skills depend on Somalis future progress. Unfortunately Midgans have lost many century the power to change their way of thinking for themselves and Somalis, the Midgans believed there is no way out to their social status, because their money and their profession can not change their social status. An attempting to try some idea won’t work any way and there is no use of trying, we cannot change our social status, as midgans automatically became their belief or doctrine. Another hand, you are not more than anyone else and you are not less than, but you are just as much as anyone else.

For Somalis take a minute, notice or think how many times you feel when you remember a time you gossiped about someone who you call “Midgan”? Do you believe or practice in your religion? What Islam says about Gossip? Gossip is sarcasm, it hurts us when we use it, and once the gossip is out, we cannot control it, it is like poison passed from person to another to others. Midgans have an anger which is an emotion we feel, but they have no a temper, which a behavior we display when we feel angry. Why cannot they display? It must be fear of power, because they never display their temper.

When someone displays his/her temper express violently, aggressively, and explosively she/he may feel relieved from the effective problem. If he/she does not display his/her problem expressly he/she hides in his/ her heart. It will be transformed as a reflex action into psychotic-disease, which will lead him/her mental disability. Expressing your feeling as midgaan is your medication. It is essential to start healing. Hiding from your feeling is denial, and it is unhealthy, when your denial or anger crowd out all other feeling, this leads you to greater depression and more pain. How can we cure this abstract problem? In order to cure we have to change the feeling, create honestly temper express peacefully and explosively philosophy, give yourself permission to face your reality and allow your emotions to heal. It is okey to cry, If you have difficulty crying in front of your enemy or others, just go your home and you can cry in your home; no one sees, hears, or can tell by your face later.

It is okey to hurt. Time heals all wounds, It is okey to be angry, it is okey to have temper, it is okey to have a dream that, this tragedy one day will end, also we must change the thoughts that going on our mind both midgans and Somalis.  We must garbage out the legend in our minds and we have to lock in our mind the reality. We must not just hope that the tragedy will go away on its own.                
 I am on the alert that the heartless fool could laugh at their plight or refuse to acknowledge that reality. He may enjoy their woe while they are suffering deep and painful wounds that resulted the words which are invisible domination with psychologically defenseless, not to mention a frightening sense of every day life, it is also true that sometimes those who caused us most aggravation bring us the greatest wisdom, the result of this agony we became more humanitarian people, the people of the peace, because we have felt the meaning of segregation as touchy of our daily life, we will not treat others as we were being treated by us.

It is human nature to hate those we have injured in physically and psychologically, because we think that they are going to retaliate us if they get chance, But not, when we are doing evil action no one can see his/her own evil actions as well as no body can see his own errors; so in order to tell their errors we have to collect the victims and define the causes and cure the disease, it needs time, energy, organized power, investment, and patient.

Be alert, We are not creating more problems at all among our society but we are minimizing the tragedy of the minorities also the purpose of this book is not to divide Somali people into groups and tribes but it’s aim is to unite under equality and humanity with brotherhood and justice. For another reason of this book is to condemn the errors of the past and to correct the future generation, not to follow the steps of their far fathers, not to repeat the legacy of their evil customs and those who led them to do wrong became guilty of crime and responsible for evil that they had directly or indirectly encouraged their children.

We will not let the discriminations and inequality continue among Somalis. We want assimilations among all Somalian tribes and equal. We have to represent those who are in the dark side of life. It may be most of the people have lack of ability to understand my concept. The only way to achieve a state of true claim right now is through mental conceiving concept. As those who are suffered concealed the fact because of silent, which means accepting the agony as conformity, they lie because they cover up with endurance the existed agony as realty. They are feeling being powerless, they desire for justice, and equality.