We, the people's movements representing workers, peasants and agricultural workers, women, Dalits and Adivasis, indigenous peoples, fisher peoples, urban poor, the physically and mentally handicapped and other sectors of the poor and oppressed, have again come together in Mumbai from 16-20 January 2004 for the People's Movements Encounters Part II. 

We have assembled in Mumbai to express our unified condemnation of imperialist globalization unleashed by the G7 imperialist powers and their transnational corporations that have wrought havoc and destruction on humankind. Through the World Trade Organization and other international institutions such as the IMF and World Bank, and with the collusion of the elites in our own countries, they have ravaged our communities and countries, stolen our natural resources and the fruits of our labor. 

They have expanded imperialist trade and investment such that transnational corporations dump their cheap subsidized excess products and destroy the livelihoods of peasants and other small producers. We have lost our jobs, our land and our farms, our waters, forests and mountains. We have lost our homes and our communities, hunger and misery creeps further and deadlier throughout our lands. 

Transnational corporations have become bigger and deadlier as they amass wealth through imperialist globalization and dominate agriculture, industry, trade, finance and all sectors of the economy all over the world. Through them and with the support of the landed elites who act as their agents, our production and our lives are dominated and monopolized. This is for the sole purpose of providing increasing profit at the expense of the poor majority who are left jobless and hungry; at the expense of our way of life, health and safety as hazardous technologies poison our food, agriculture and industry; and at the expense of our communities and environment as unsustainable, anti-people and anti-environment, but more profitable ways of production are promoted. 

Our poverty and oppression is worsening as imperialism unleashes war in the face of its own global crisis to further control the world against those governments or people's movements who would dare protest, and to further divide the world and control its resources, especially oil, gas and uranium. The US-led War on Terrorism, including the invasion of Iraq and the threat of war on Iran, Syria, North Korea, and the intervention in the Philippines, Indonesia and other parts of the world, are meant to violently suppress dissent, especially the people's movements and resistance, criminalize people's protests and target their leaders. 

The US-led War on Terrorism has resulted in greater violence against the people around the world today. It is being used to weaken and dismantle mechanisms that support human rights. It has resulted in increased militarism and militarization with more and more abuses and crimes against the people. Fascism and fundamentalism have led to widespread communal tension, attacks on tribal and other minorities, violence and genocide in our communities, and erosion of the unity of the people. 

In these times of war, imperialism is intensifying all sorts of reaction including patriarchy, resulting in more violent attacks on women, denying them of their rights, especially health, political and economic rights while increasing violent attacks, white slavery and trafficking. Casteism continues to deny equal rights and status to Dalits and other excluded groups. 

It is but expected that peoples all over Asia and the world today are resisting with greater vigor the onslaught of imperialism and its lackeys. It is but just that the people to fight for their rights, their lives and their communities - for the women to stand firm against the forces that displace them and their communities, for the Dalits to assert their rights, for the workers to fight for their right to work and livelihood, for the peasants to take back their lands and their farms, for the people to fight for their humanity. 

This is our struggle, this is our movement. 

This is our People's Movements Encounter and this is our testament: 

We assert our rights and our sovereignty as peoples to realize our rights to food and produce food, to land and other resources for agriculture and food production, to water for life and for agriculture, to jobs and livelihood and to fair wages. We demand fair prices for our produce and the dismantling of all monopolies that control resources, capital, trade and investment. We demand equal rights and protection for all marginalized sectors. We demand the end of patriarchy and; promotion of equality and dignity of women and we shall fight to end all forms of violence and discrimination of women. We shall advance the struggle for democratic rights, equality and freedom and end all forms of fascist fundamentalism and racism. We shall fight to end all forms of casteism and untouchability and ensure the equal status for all groups and communities in our countries. We will fight to defeat imperialist globalization and dismantle all its minions like the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank. We shall fight to end the implementation of all policies and programs of neoliberal globalization in our countries and communities. Immediately, WTO must be taken out of food and agriculture. All unpayable debt must be canceled and structural adjustment programs dismantled. We shall fight the domination and monopoly by transnational corporations, boycott their goods and drive them out of our communities and countries. We resist the US war on terrorism and military intervention in our countries. We reject state terrorism and demand the immediate release of all political prisoners. We demand that the US withdraws all its troops in our countries and the immediate dismantling of US military bases. Building on our struggles and our solidarity with people's movements everywhere, we shall build a new world of justice, freedom, democracy and peace for the people.