A question that is commonly asked Somalians when two strangers meet each other is “ what is your tribe?!!! “Where as an Americans and Europeans “ is what do you do for living?” Work is not a central focus in Somalian lives, work not able us to earn money to pay our bills, but it can also provide a sense of self-respect and self-reliability.

 In our society as I am a Somalian, In the back home, we value the “ the tribe names” but not “ the work ethics” we consider our tribe name to be honorable and useful, unemployed, able-bodied people are not often look down on but we look down hard working people, we do not accept them to share with our dignity, we do not respect their tribal name, we do not marry them because they are hard workers who earn their daily life from their skills, we call them in general “Midgans” because they make our shoes, we call them “Tumaals” because they make our knives, axes, and pots that we need daily, we call them “Yibirs” because they are our  traditional psycho-healers or medicine man. Some others we call them “Yahars” because they make our clothes, we call them “Adoons” because they cultivate our corps and build our houses.

 Unfortunately, Somalians did not understand that occupations could help us to grow intellectually, psychologically and socially. In Islam Allah does not view work as a curse imposed on the humanity. Working is a part of Islamic religion as well as worship of Allah. Muslim people believe in that people need to work to make their living and help those in need, Islam preaches the people hard working, good deeds and success of human life. Also cares the human deeds and human heart, the prophet Mohammed said: (s.a.w) said; “verily God does not look your shapes nor your wealth, but He looks at your heart and your deeds” (Muslim) you can see here with out deeds you will not enter the paradise of Allah” Then why Somalis are abusing the Midgans who are working, productive and contributing some economics to the humanity? !!!.

“We are making their shoes and they are making our shroud” A Midgan man said:”Anaguna kabohoodaan tolaynaa, Ayaguna kafanteenay tolaayaan” The Midgans realized that Somali dominant tribes who are Isaaq, Hawiye, Dir, and Darood exploited the only struggle between the Somalis and Midgan classes is owners and workers.

I asked by myself why Somalian tribes are always fighting each other where as Midgans are not engaging any war each other or toward other tribes? Then I found out there must be one reason; Number one, Unemployment created emotional problems and tribal rate wars increased because people who have no job, they are likely to be busy by themselves because they have time to fight each other also the gossip rate increased, the Khat eating community increased, the crimes, the divorcé, the result of anger, despair, depression, anxiety, boredom, hopelessness, and apathy. These feelings lead to alcoholism, Qatcoholicsm, drug abuse, Insomnia, stress, illness, marital unhappiness, and even violence within tribes, if not with among family and later we created civil wars among ourselves.

The Midgan Occupations need to help improve group morale, the only reward they get from their work is abuse, they need morale reward and financially reward, people who maintain long-term job, what motivated them is not only monetary reward but what motivate them is morale reward, today’s Midgans generation abandoned their occupations as well as their tribal names. They denied their tribe names because they feel dehumanized if they do their occupations or claim their tribe, because the previous Midgan suffered deep shame and even avoided and denied their blood relatives, and even those who get high positions in government offices do not like to have relationship with other Midgans because their work, the result of these most midgans tend to lose faith in their political leaders who are sell out who do not advocate their rights but only their personal interest, and avoidance of their blood related family.

Their occupation often leads them to an extreme tribal isolation, discrimination, and prejudice. In this case Midgans are likely to experience depression and feel alienate from Somalis because of their skills So that, when your society always Abuse your work, you have to change something that you feel may be the people will Respect and like it. So this resulted that Midgan generation of 60s up to now to gain their livelihood by singing and dancing also some of them expressed their feelings through songs. Their song attracted most young generation of all Somali regions specially all Qatcaholic society (people who chew the Qat) because they enjoy very much by listening the songs, which mostly create the atmosphere of emotionally attaches of the soul spirit, for this, it caused indirectly many Midgans to abandon their occupations.

Why Somali people did not understand that the work is a part of many people’s lives and it is part of the civilization. What was the backbone of any civilization in the world? How Somali people wants to develop their country while they are abusing the hard workers and skilled community?  Do Somalians like to depend on international Aid For their long-term economics? And how long that aid will continue for them? Or may be all of us wanted to become refugee in the five continents; we do not need to worry any thing about our country?

Finally, All Somalis should have to appreciate and recognize Midgan’s Economic contributions morally and financially must be supported and we must stop abusing of Midgan’s work. We must encourage them to develop their Occupations in advancing technological way consequently both Midgans and Somalis can benefit so this will result Somali industrial progress in the future.

Ahmed M. Keynan