THE HISTORY OF MIDGAAN                                                                                                        “Waxaan ahayn Ummadii Dhulkaan iska lahayd, waxaan ahayn Boqortooyadii ugu Horeysay ee ka dhalatay Meesha maanta loo yaqaano Somalia. Waxaa boqor tooyadeena loo yaqaanay Boqortooyadii “BOONTA” Dulkaan waxaa la oran jirey Dhulkii Boonta “BOONTLAND”oo macneheedu yahay Dhulkii Boontu iska lahayd. Boqorkii ka talin jirey waxaa la oran jirey Baidari, wuxuu ahaa  Boqorka ummadda Boonta  xukumi jirey. Wuxuu ka  talin jirey qayb ka mid ah dhulka Geeska Afrika wuxuu xiriir ganacsi la lahaa Dalka Masaarida, shiinaha, Hindiya, iyo Boqortooyadii Rooma.....

SUPERIORITY (Gob) AND INFERIORITY (Gun) IN TRIBALISM                                                       (January 18, 2004) Ali-Azhar, BA. - One of my friends told me that I am wrong to talk about ‘Midgan problems in Somalia” He said, “You can not eradicate the idea of superiority (Gob) and inferiority (Gun) in Somalia, So you have to come to realize that it is part of the Somali reality. If the role was reversed, the Midgans would do to Ajji, what Ajji are doing now to Midgans. So if you raise Midgans at top then there must be other tribes who will fill the bottom” I said, “ My friend, it is logical but can we have equality without superiority and inferiority, without oppressing other tribes?”

SOMALIA COUNTRY REPORT                                                                                                      - OCTOBER  2003 - COUNTRY INFORMATION & POLICY UNIT

Brief Review of Somali caste systems                                                                                         STATEMENT TO THE COMMITTEE ON THE ELIMINATION OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION - The International Dalit Solidarity Network "Working globally against discrimination by work and descent" AUGUST 2002 - Professor Asha A. Samad




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