1548 Zelia part of Ottoman Empire.
7/9/1877: Zeila annexed by Egypt as Egyptian Somaliland (under nominal Ottoman suzerainty).
1884: British take over former Egyptian Somaliland.
20/7/1887: British Somaliland protectorate (in the north) adminstered from Aden.From 1905 a separate colony.
3/8/1889: Benadir Coast Italian Protectorate (in the south east).
16/3/1905: Italian Somaliland colony (in the south and south east).
Jul 1910: Italian Somaliland a crown colony.
15/1/1935: Italian Somalia Part of Italian East Africa with Italian Eritrea (and from 1936 Ethiopia).
18/8/1940: Italian occupation of British Somaliland.
Feb 1941: British administration of Italian Somalia.
1/4/1950: Italian Somalia becomes United Nations trust territory under Italian administration.
26/6/1960: Independence of British Somaliland as State of Somaliland.
1/7/1960: Unification with Italian Somalia to form Somali Republic.
21/10/1969: Somali Democratic Republic.
1/1/1991: Somalia collapses, no single functioning government.
Jul 1992 - 27/8/2000: United Nations declares Somalia a country without a government.
18/5/1991: Republic of Somaliland (in former British Somaliland) proclaimed (not internationally recognized).
21/7/1991: Somali Republic.
1/4/2002: South West Somalia declared itself an autonomous state.