We believe, as we are Somali Minorities that our land and our property have
been robbed, our history has been destroyed, our language has been buried and
our dignity is being violated, Remember how many times we have been denied
our rights, our blood money (Diya) our compensation has been denied completely if we are being murdered. Our lives does not cost nothing our lives are equal the death of Ant. We want from all Somali major tribes to pay us for the mistakes of their ancestors, Remember how many times we have been denied our rights, The right to marry a Somalian woman who loved and desired us, Right to be elected as president in our country, right to express our freedom of speech. We have no equal rights with other Somalis for centuries and to day. It is time to liberate ourselves from shackles of oppressions; we are ready to rise up our voice in order to hear the world.We are here telling to Somali Major tribes and the World that we will not tolerate any more inhuman treatment and discrimination, prejudice, norms, stereotypes, and other forms of social injustice.

We need human values, social justice and fundamental human rights. All Somalis should have to accept with out condition that every one has the right to life and is equal before the God and has right to equal protection and benefit of the law and the right to have their dignity respected and protected. In the new millennium, we must establish equality, dignity and sustainability, building a new social order, highlighting the fact that Midgan rights were human rights and struggle of midgan people for equality is a struggle for human rights and as such it must be supported at any time and every state of Horn of Africa.We are educators, scholars, Religious, Elders of Somali Oppressed Minorities, we are Somali Citizens who live all over the world. Here by to inform every organizations, humanitarians, US Government, United Nations, African Union, IGAD, Islamic Communities, and all over the world that we formed Somali Oppressed Minorities organization Which is Called SOMALI MINORITIES MOVEMENTS Of HORN OF AFRICA.

We are pursuing social change, particularly with and behalf of vulnerable and oppressed minorities in Somalia, individuals and groups of people. SMMHA's social change efforts are focused primarily on issues of poverty, Education, discriminations, prejudices, norms, stereotypes, unemployment, and other forms of social injustice. To ensure equality of opportunity, access, to need informationís, services, resources, and meaningful participation in decision making for all people. We help defenseless people who are in need and we address social problems. We are Human right organization and we are making Research and collecting all information about these tribes who are being called these ( Midgan, Tumaal, Yibir, Boon, Gabooye, and others as coaltion org we formed Somali International Minorities of Africa.

1-Somali Southren Minority Movements (Madhiban, Muse dariye,Tumal, Yahar)
2-Somali Central Minority Movements (Madhiban, Mahaad Bare, Tumal, Yibir )
3-Somali Northren Minority Movements ( MahadBare, Muse, Madhiban, Tumal, Yibir)
4-Somali Eastren Minority Movements ( Madhiban, Tumal, Yibir )
5-Somali Westren Minority Movements ( Howle, Yibir, Muse, Tumaal, and others)

If you need any information about these tribes and thier history, please read this book called: " THE SILENT SEGREGATION IN SOMALIA"


Dr Baidari Al Buntite
Social Psychologist