NEWS 2004


Issued: 14 April 2004

Gu rains onset results in rising river levels. Above normal rainfall over the Ethiopian highlands in the past 7 days indicates flood risk over the Shabelle river basin in Somalia.
Some flooding in the upper Juba predicted.

Seasonal rains have led to major floods in Kenya and Djibouti. So far the situation in Somalia is normal, but Fig. 1 shows the rainfall anomalies for the past week, with 60-100mm indicated along the Ethiopian highlands. Further down stream the Shabelle river basin, similar amounts of excessive rainfall are also depicted in southern Somalia on the map. This is likely to create potential for flood risk along the river basin. Figure 2, the Basin Excessive Rainfall Map (BERM) depicts basin which at moderate to high risk of flooding (shaded in yellow to red respectively) as of 12 April, 2004. The area currently flood prone (circled in red) is around Dolow on the upper Juba. On the Shabelle the build up of silt and redundancy of flood control infrastructure place the Middle Shabelle region at risk.

This bulletin was produced by FAO Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) Unit, and FEWS NET Somalia. 

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