Source: UN Coordination Unit
Date: 30 Sept 2000

UN activities in Somalia for the week of 25 - 30 Sep 2000

On 28 September, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator travelled to Djibouti to meet members of the Transitional National Government.

Consultant Jeremy Brickell, author of the Somali Civil Protection Programme (SCPP) document, is in Nairobi to prepare a meeting on demobilisation of militia. The meeting is scheduled for the first week of November. Please contact UNDP for more information.

A database of activities undertaken all UN agencies is currently under production and will be distributed for comments in early October.

The Capacity Building Facility (CBF) team held an intensive one-day meeting on 27 September, discussing how to engage more professional staff in Somalia, how to recruit more Somali professionals and how to work more closely with local administrations. 

The Data and Information Management Unit (DIMU) is undertaking a series of tutorials for staff. Starting next Wednesday in Nairobi, these will discuss how to access DIMU maps, databases and other information via the website.

The Director of Civil Aviation from Hargeisa is attending a Search and Rescue Training Seminar in Florence, Italy, sponsored by UNDP. 


A three-day NIDs campaign for the eradication of polio was completed in Mogadishu on 28 September.


All programme officers and senior management staff travelled to Hargeisa for UNICEF's annual Programme and Operations Management Meeting (POMM).


UNESCO is holding a Civic Education Workshop in Baidoa and an Upper Primary Textbook writer's induction course in Hargeisa from 23-29 September. 


UNHCR completed the repatriation of 44 returnees from Yemen to Mogadishu on 25 September. 

UNHCR reported that a group of Ethiopian 'economic migrants' had camped outside their Galkayo office in an effort to receive asylum. 


A consultant has been sent to Yemen and Saudi Arabia in an effort to trace the origin of the current Rift Valley Fever outbreak in these countries. 

Early next week, FAO will airlift vegetable seeds destined for 5000 farmers in southern Somalia. 

For additional information or to submit information please contact:

Ms. Safia Giama
Ms.  Mugure Warobi

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